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Each straight pilot valve is rated with a Delta "C" of 300° and is certified by CSA, CGA, AGA and IAS. In addition, each comes with a adjustment screw which allows for precision pilot flame adjustments.

Model Number A
Thread Size
Thread Size

Delta C
MV 3800 1/8 MPT 3/16 CC 7/8" 300°
MV 3801 1/8 MPT 1/4 CC 7/8" 300°
MV 3804 1/8 MPT 1/8 CC 7/8" 300°
MV 3811 1/4 CC 1/4 CC 7/8" 300°
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Available with or without assembled compression nut and sleeve. Gas filters available on 3800 models. 2017 Matchless Valve Company All Rights Reserved